Nissan Job Openings – Researcher II , Artificial Intelligence

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Job Description:

As a member of the AI Research and Applications team, you will work with decision-theoretic models, such as Markov Decision Processes (MDPs) and Partially Observable MDPs (POMDPs), to solve complex decision-making scenarios in autonomous vehicles (AVs) and intelligent vehicle systems. You will design models and algorithms for learning and reasoning in that enable adaptation and provide scalability in while ensuring efficient, safe, and harmonious behavior.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Deep dive into Nissan’s intelligent vehicle software stack and uncover opportunities for improving the performance through parameter optimization, re-design, and integration of brand new pieces that you create.
  • Work with a team of world-leading experts in the fields of AI, decision-making, robotics and social science to realize advanced technology concepts.
  • Architect re-usable and re-configurable AI modules with sensible designs, clear interfaces, well-prescribed assumptions, and well-documented code.
  • Implement and integrate your code within the context of a larger system architecture.
  • Given concrete application contexts and stakeholder objectives, frame research problems and propose methods for addressing them that demonstrate you working knowledge of the state of the art and its limitations.
  • Communicate your work effectively through presentations and reports to stakeholders.
  • Expand your knowledge about research advances and tools by reading papers, maintaining connections with academic and industry research networks, attending conferences, participating in professional organizations, and exploiting educational opportunities.
  • Perform rigorous evaluation, empirical and otherwise, of your designs and implementations
  • Prototype your ideas through software development, leveraging off-the-shelf libraries and tools to your advantage and designing new algorithms as needed.
  • Develop and implement principled AI models and apply automated planning, learning, and reasoning algorithms to solve these models for use in a wide array of scenarios.
  • Write papers, reports, and patents, all towards publishing your research in academic conferences such as ICRA, IROS, RSS, AAAI, IJCAI, IV, and ITSC.

Job Requirements:

  • Experience working with ROS, ideally both in simulation and with physical robots.
  • Experience working in industry, especially in the intersection of AI and robotics.
  • Authorship of relevant software/libraries available for download on, e.g., GitHub, following best software engineering practices.
  • In-depth knowledge in two or more of the technical areas listed above.
  • Solid foundation in software development, with competence using C++, Python, and/or Julia. Extra points if you can share with us code that you have developed in past projects.
  • A year or more of relevant experience in a professional or (post-bachelor) academic context, with extent and type of experience dictating title and compensation.
  • Masters or above in Computer Science, Aeronautics and Astronautics, Mathematics, Statistics, Electrical Engineering, or a related field with an emphasis on the practical challenges of deploying AI.
  • Demonstration of your expertise and depth of knowledge in one more of the technical areas listed above. This could be through documentation such as papers or reports, or of defense during your interview.
  • Track record of publications in international conferences, workshops, and journals.
  • Passion for doing research and development at the edge of human knowledge.
  • Experience using Git in a collaborative software engineering team environment.

Job Details:

Company: Nissan Motor corporation

Vacancy Type:  Full Time

Job Location: San Jose, CA, USA

Application Deadline: N/A

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