Honda Application – Engine Design Engineer III

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Job Description:

Honda has a clear vision for the future in 2030, and it’s a joyful one. We are looking for people with the individual skills, courage, persistence, and dreams that will help us reach our future-focused goals. We are seeking diversity of thought and experience to drive innovation and help us make fully informed decisions.

In this role, you will independently set the part specification which contributes to the highest quality products for our customers at the most reasonable cost through drawing issue, development confirmation & reporting, and Bill of Materials management.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Cost calculation, correlation & reporting: Based on understanding of part specification and manufacturing process, estimate the cost for new designs. Using this estimate, work with Honda purchasing department to negotiate with supplier to ensure the most reasonable cost.
  • Document creation, reporting & follow up: Create documentation for all assigned parts as required by company evaluation process, report in evaluation events, and respond to any follow up items per the requested deadline.
  • Design execution: Based on knowledge of manufacturing, assembly, & maintenance processes as well as understanding and consideration of variation factors for both assigned parts and surrounding parts, establish 3D layout concept and mature to fully defined 3D model. Revise and repeat as needed if/when failures arise.
  • Countermeasure development
  • Design conceptualization: Given vehicle targets, determine what aspects of assigned part(s) must be changed and/or verified. Clarify key inputs and appropriate target for each verification item.
  • Change point verification: Considering all vehicle changes at each evaluation stage, determine potential side impacts to assigned parts. Establish prospect for all confirmation items and compare estimated result to actual result to assess the validity.
  • Drawing creation and issuance: Based on factors described within the design concept, define the specification in the drawing to ensure part will be created and assembled in a way that all design inputs are fully satisfied.
  • Internal & External collaboration
  • Schedule planning, management & reporting: establish and manage overall development schedule for assigned part(s) from concept to mass production.

Job Requirements:

  • Drawing creation and dimensioning
  • Resolve cross-functional issues by identifying decision-making factors, gathering/summarizing relevant data, & negotiating with related parties
  • Excellent verbal and written communication
  • Short, mid, long-term scheduling and time management with experience managing part development for at least 1 full product cycle
  • Ability to analyze clearance by identifying variation factors and calculating tolerance stack up
  • Design for assembly/manufacturing considering processes such as casting, machining, stamping, and/or plastic injection molding
  • 3D parametric modelling: creation of new as well as modification of existing models using solid and surfacing techniques
  • Information retention and organization
  • On time delivery-fully completes assignments per the deadline
  • Communication: appropriate frequency, sufficient clarify
  • Cost calculation and design optimization for cost. Able to evaluate supplier quotations and modify designs to reduce part cost.
  • Output quality: design specification satisfies all requirements

Qualification & Experience:

  • BSME or BSEE
  • 4-8 years’ experience

Job Details:

Company: Honda Motor Company

Vacancy Type:  Full Time

Job Location: Raymond, OH, USA

Application Deadline: N/A

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